Zebra Crossing Marking Machine


Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

Zebra Crossing Marking Machine is reflective Cold Paint is ideal for city roads, annual maintenance markings, runway & taxi way markings, edge line markings, edge line markings. Reflective Cold Paint is specially economical in consideration of its durability and the cost of remarking again and again with ordinary plant. It optimizes the price quality ration because of its high wear resistance. Reflective Cold Paint can be applied on any type of surfaces and roads. Its formulation pass the wear resistance test of ISI (IS: 164) up to 7-20 times, the specification with certification of over-rolling test of 6 Lacs to 40 Lacks revolutions from Germany government?s authority namely BAST. When cost is compared with ordinary ISI paint, there is a minimum 50%-70% savings in cost for the same


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