MS10Q breath alcohol analyzer


Our hand-held breath alcohol analyzer, Quick Test MS-10Q. to have a better experience on this product,
Quick Test MS-10Q. is a rapid breath alcohol analyzer for quick testing. It is developed mostly for police
Company, Factory Hospital, Office use, it has the following features:

(1)UK made Electrochemical/Fuel cell sensor with high reliability;
(2)Quick and Precise Analysis;
(3)Rapid and convenient, do not need mouthpieces;
(4)With Traffic baton and flashlight illumination function
(5)Large battery capacity, can testing for 8 hours.

Technical data

Principle of measurement Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol-specific
Measurement Range   0~ 80mg/100ml BAC
Test Mode For quick testing, automatic sampling
Temperature Range-operation   -5℃~+45℃
Measuring Time Adjustable( Minimum time: 1 second)
Working Pressure   600~1400hPa
Screen   OLED Digital Screen
Battery 1 rechargeable battery, 3.7V/3000mAh
Continuous Working Time   More than 8 hours
Flashing Light   2 lights of 3W
Vibration Alarm  
Dimensions L( 324) mmX Outer Diameter( 45) mm
Weight   Approx. 231g
Test   Blowing distance 4-5cm
Test concentration( mg/100ml)
Analyzing time   <5s
Clearing time   <10s





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