LED Traffic Batons

Red LED Traffic Batons, Model: MS-500AA

Product Name: Red LED Traffic Batons

MS-500 LED Traffic Signal Batons are our best-end products.

Flash pattern: Flash-steady-white light-closed, with whistle and magnet on the bottom of handle. Red body and spiral design which will make the light more evenly. MS-500 LED traffic signal batons have two sizes which are available to choose.

MS-500 LED traffic signal batons also can be designed to benefits from being rechargeable. MS-500AA is the best product among all traffic batons. We obtained the patent in 2011.

It is rechargeable. PC material and integrated design make it firm and waterproof. Spiral hull enhances its brightness. Three super bright white LEDs on the top used as torch in the dark. Loud alarm can attract people’s attention easily. Also we gain CE certificate:



  1. With super bright LED, high alarm effect
  2. High reflective film inside, excellent alarming effect in the night
  3. With a rope, easily handle
  4. Water proof, it can work in the rainy day
  5. Bottom of magnet magnetic flux above 3800 high


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