Breath Analyzer with Camera- Jupiter X


Breath Analyzer with Camera- Jupiter X

Jupiter-X offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user-friendly and compact form. Thanks to its wide range of possible configurations, the hand-held instrument can be easily adapted to meet different measurement results can be obtained within a very short period of time. International regulations and guidelines. Because Jupiter-X offers intuitive operation, it?s easy to use and precise

Jupiter X Alcohol Breath Analyser is the most advanced model with camera function. It has 4.3? Touch Screen, 50K Memories, Inbuilt Thermal Printer and GPS.


?Key Features

  • Built-in Printer, GPS
  • 3G/WIFI
  • Photo Capture
  • Provide evidential records by auto capturing while subject blowing
  • 50,000 tests records stored in memory
  • 3? Colour Touch Screen
  • Mouthpiece can be automatically ejected
  • USB PC connection
Sensor Fuel Cell
Wireless Communication 3G, WIFI
Working Temperature -10 ? C to 50 ? C
Storage Temperature -30 ? C to 70 ? C
Size 21.2cm x 8cm x 3.6cm
Weight 423g included battery
Battery 7.4V 1800mAh NI-MH rechargeable battery
Battery Life 700 tests (250 tests with printout)
Memory 50,000 tests records including all information
Display 4.3? TFT colour touch screen
Camera 3 Megapixel 120 ? wide angle lens
Response Time 5 seconds
Sampling System Automatically or manually takes a lung sample
Optional Power Supply 12 volt car adapter or AC 6 volt adapter
Units of Measure BrAC: mg/L, or other units

BAC: grm%, mg/mL, mg/100mL, or other units

Detection Range 0.00% BAC to 0.4% BAC
Accuracy 0 ? 0.10% BrAC /-5%

0.10 ? 0.15% BrAC /-8%

>0.15%: /-10%

GPS /- 5M
Printer Thermal Printer





Rs. 60,000.00


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