Breath Analyzer with Camera – 8000T


Breath Analyzer with Camera – 8000T

Technical Specifications


Measurement Mode= Active mode and Passive mode

Active Mode

Measurement Range (BAC) =(0-550) mg/100ml BAC

Passive Mode

Measurement Range (BAC)= 0-550) mg/100ml BAC

Alarm=Red, Yellow, Green Alarm limit can be adjusted


Range (0-88) mg/100ml= 4.4 mg/100ml

Range (88-220) mg/100ml= 5% absolute

Range?? >220 mg/100ml=20% absolute

Measurement Range (BrAC)= (0-2.5) mg/L BrAC



Range (0.00-0.40) mg/L=0.020 mg/L

Range (0.40-1.00) mg/L=5% absolute

Range?? >1.00mg/L=10% absolute




Camera Infrared

Operation Temperature Range:=0?C – 40?C

Storage Temperature Range:=- 30?C – 70?C

Condition Pressure:=600-1400hPa

Condition Humidity:=15 ? 95% r.h.

Min Volume:= 1.0L


Battery: = 7.4V, 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

Measurement time for one charge:=More than 1000 times testing

Device interface:=USB data can be transmitted to printer or PC

Dimension (LxWxH):= 200mm? X? 80mm X? 37mm

Weight:= 380g include battery


Other Parameter:

Pre-heating time:=About 5 seconds

The previous measure is 0 mg/100ml:= About 3 seconds

The previous measure is 100mg/100ml below:? About 5 seconds

The previous measure is > 100 mg/100ml: About 7 seconds

Sensor Type: Electrochemical fuel cell sensor

Printer: =Built-in Printer

Items:= Car Number, Police Number, License Number etc.

Mouth Piece:=Disposable, Single way

Unit:= %?BAC, mg/L BrAC, mg/100ml BAC Add upon customer?s request.

Buttons:= Touch Screen, 2 Buttons

Power save mode:=Automatic Switch off after 2.5 minutes without use

Use interface:=4.0 inch touch screen and color TFT display.

Memory:= Up to 100,000 measured value with date and time.

Software Management:= PC data manager, data transmit and storage option.



Pixel:= Five million pixels, Automatic focusing

Infrared:= Yes

Fingerprint:= Yes



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