Breath Alcohol Analyzer PT4020p


Mangal AlcoPatrol PT4020P Professional Fuel Cell Alcohol Analyzer. AlcoPatrol PT4020P gives you a precision digital indication of your breath alcohol content and thus your possible concentration of intoxication. To achieve the high accuracy, user should study this manual carefully. And any use of the AlcoPatrol PT4020P requires full understanding and strict observation of these instructions.


Brief description

This model is a quick alcohol screening instrument. Using quick screening test mode, to judge a person whether drinking or not.

  • The AlcoPatrol PT4020P is new generation alcohol The newest technology has been used in this device.
  • AlcoPatrol PT4020P has used fuel cell sensor which doesn’t react with other substances, so make sure the accuracy of the
  • AlcoPatrol PT4020P used the professional gas flow measurement technique, this ensures that the sensor receives only deep lung air which reflects the blood alcohol content
  • The patented technology of the continue passive mode and Auto mode can be used for fast
  • AlcoPatrol PT4020P is easy to operate with three
  • The device is equipped with 50,000 data memory and USB The data can be printed out through BT printer or managed in PC. The PC software allow the user to take maintenance, calibration and the device settings.
  • The history Data is stored, including history testing results, date and time, record .
  • The user can find every measurement in this
  • The ?Last measurement? can be seen on the display, when you press ? ? button.
  • Press ? ? button, it will display the next
  • Press ?power? button to return to the previous interface
  • Size: 190mm X 60mm X 33mm


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