Alcohol breath Testers with printers, PT200p


Mangal PT200P is a hand held, portable breath alcohol tester to check subject’s breath Alcohol concentration with reliable accuracy. This device can be connected with compact sized printer to print out the data alcohol concentration, date and time. It has facility to record 200 memory, portable and modern design, real time clock display support, optional mini printer to keep testing results. It can be used at office, company, home, factory, traffic police, military.

1. Display: 2.2” LCD display
2. Keyboard: 5 keys operation: ,“Up”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right”, “OK”
3. Power Supply: Interchangeable rechargeable battery;
4. Heat warm up: Chamber & Sensor warm up automatically
5. Auto flow monitoring: Flow detect automatically (Patented)
6. Compact sampling system: Low power consumption (Patented)
7. Passive test: Quick test within 1 sec.
8. Storage environment: -20 Degree C to 75 Degree C.
9. Operating Temperature: From 5 degree C to 45 degree C, for optimum operation
10. Memories: 200 Records
11. Printer interface: By RS232 cable
12. Indicator: Instructing LED for indication
13. Dimension: About 103 * 55 * 15 mm3
14. Measuring range 0.000to 1.000mg/l BAC
15. Measurement Accuracy: /–0.03 mg/L at alert point
Drift: typically < 1.0 % of the measurement value/month
16. Standard gift box packing: Including White box; 2 pcs blow tubes , USB charger cable;
17. Optional packing/ accessory: Metal case; mouthpiece , rechargeable battery
PT200P is a Professional Fuel Cell Alcohol Tester for Road side Screening Device. Using the
electrochemical reaction for platinum Vs ethanol molecules, gives the most stable and reliable measuring


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